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An Introduction to the Fertilizer Applicator

What exactly is a fertilizer applicator? It can be a number of different things. A fertilizer applicator can be a fertilizer “sprayer,” “spreader,” “injector,” or “dispenser”; all of these terms are used to describe different versions of applicator (although injector and dispenser can usually be used interchangeably).

A fertilizer applicator serves to apply fertilizer to a large area, such as a massive commercial farm. Generally, a fertilizer applicator is designed to fit the type of field in which they are used. For instance, in fields that have an extensive irrigation system, a farmer may employ a fertilizer applicator that consists of tanks and “sprayers.” Rather than simply spraying water on the field, the irritation system uses the sprayers and the tanks to move gallons of liquid fertilizer onto the field.

In contrast to applicators used in irrigation systems, an applicator used in manure spreading is quite different. Rather than spraying manure all over a field, this applicator is attached to a tractor; and then is used to slowly spread the manure over the field in pace with the tractor's speed. These applicators are used with both large and small tractors; and can also be used in conjunction with seed spreaders to plant seeds under manure at the same time.

How much does one of these applicator systems cost? If you want to purchase a tank and sprayer system, it will be considerably cheaper, especially if you already have the irrigation system in place. All you will have to do is purchase the tanks, which are usually 55-gallon drums and sell for less than $100 per barrel. If you want to purchase a spreader for your tractor as an applicator, you should expect to spend several thousand dollars at an absolute minimum.



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