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Where to Find a Pet Safe Fertilizer

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for both organic fertilizer and for pet safe fertilizer. Many farmers on smaller farms have pets who have the freedom to roam around in the fields. This isn't always safe, however, as some fields are coated with thick layers of inorganic fertilizer that can make pets ill if they ingest it.

What should go into (or stay out of) a pet safe fertilizer? A pet safe fertilizer should contain all organic elements that are food-grade (i.e., can be ingested, even if they aren't a viable form of sustenance) and do not contain dangerously high levels of chlorine or salt.

One such pet safe fertilizer that is currently on the market is NPK Blent 3-18, which is composed of all organic elements, including seaweed and humic acids, which is used to make the seaweed break up faster. In addition to being pet safe, the manufacturer claims that this fertilizer helps prevent plant stress, disease, and parasitic attacks. You can purchase it in three pound packs for as little as $11 or negotiate larger wholesale contracts over the phone.

These types of fertilizer are somewhat more expensive; and are generally used in smaller scale operations or for personal vegetable gardens. If your application is for a small scale garden, you may want to create your own pet safe fertilizer. You can do this in a number of different ways. One way is to create your own compost bin – and then fill it with plant and animal wastes. As bacteria act on it, it will break down and create a viable fertilizer that is pet friendly. Another method you can use is to actually collect your own seaweed from pollution-free beaches. You can then watch it off, wrap it around plants; and let it bake in the sun, decompose, and create nutrient-rich, animal safe fertilizer.


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