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Ashes to ashes…grass to grass…huh?!


Well, to dispel your initial confusion, let me first tell you a little about organic gardening. The term was first conceptualized when farmers and plant growers began using organic fertilizers more and more as opposed to commercially processed ones because of certain environmental issues. 


Organic fertilizers are said to be a good source of nutrients for plants in their growth cycle. Organic fertilizers maybe made from compost (the local backyard manure is one), corn meal, bone ash (great source of calcium), fish emulsion, and sea grass (this explains the statement above. Grass benefiting from grass. Get it? It’s not exactly rocket science).


The sea acts as a gigantic septic tank of the earth. It’s where every bit and pieces of trash and trace elements go to after having been flushed through rivers and streams. Seaweeds found on the ocean floor thrive on these trace elements for sustenance. It is precisely for this reason that for centuries, seaweed organic fertilizers have been used to supplement the nutrient needs of plants.


Trace elements found in seaweed organic fertilizers include magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen -- all of which are beneficial to plants. Nitrogen, for instance, is essential to the production of nitrate, a key component needed by plants during photosynthesis.


Seaweed organic fertilizers can be used as a soil treatment to grow healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant plants. The application methods of seaweed organic fertilizers are quite simple. You can either spray seaweed organic fertilizers over your plants using foliar spray. This method of applying seaweed organic fertilizer is preferred by most since it allows greater nutrient absorption.


The other seaweed organic fertilizer application method is the dry one. The powdered seaweed organic fertilizer is applied to soil around the plant like tea to hot water. Just a few little dips, and voila! Tastes like dried leaves. In the case of dry seaweed organic fertilizers, however, the leaves do not dry but turn to an invigorating color of green.


Seaweed organic fertilizers can be used for soil “watering”, hydroponics, or foliar feeding. For best results, seaweed organic fertilizers may be used in combination with other supplemental solutions like guano, blood meal, worm castings, etc.


Below is a sample step-by-step method on preparing seaweed organic fertilizers (tea type) for application:

1. Add one quarter pound of seaweed organic fertilizer powder into a gallon of water.

2.      Stir and let your seaweed organic fertilizer mixture “steep” for 1-3 days.

3.       After three days, shake your seaweed organic fertilizer mixture gently and strain it. You can also choose to make a “teabag” out of an old pair of pantyhose, sackcloth, or whatever else you can find in the garage.

Your seaweed organic fertilizer is now ready for application.


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