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    Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is usually stored in a tank; and is often used in conjunction with a complex irrigation system. The ammonium nitrate fertilizer is usually pumped through pipes into a field and is then sprayed onto the soil with some type of applicator injector.

  • Fertilizer Applicator
    What exactly is a fertilizer applicator? It can be a number of different things. A fertilizer applicator can be a fertilizer “sprayer,” “spreader,” “injector,” or “dispenser”; all of these terms are used to describe different versions of applicator (although injector and dispenser can usually be used interchangeably).

  • Home Made Lawn Fertilizer
    You may not be aware, but using homemade lawn fertilizer is an effective alternative to store-bought mixtures.Not only will it save you money, homemade lawn fertilizer helps protect the environment and your family. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Organic Fertilizer
    Organic fertilizer that is created through composting is generally created out of decomposed plant and animal wastes, such as manure or leaves. These different natural wastes are fit tightly into bins, where they are acted on by fungi and bacteria that break them down into a soil-like mixture that can be used as high-nutrient plant feed.

  • Pet Safe Fertilizer
    What should go into (or stay out of) a pet safe fertilizer? A pet safe fertilizer should contain all organic elements that are food-grade (i.e., can be ingested, even if they aren't a viable form of sustenance) and do not contain dangerously high levels of chlorine or salt.

  • Seaweed Fertilizer
    Interestingly enough, seaweed fertilizer does not fall short when it comes to macronutrient content. It actually contains all of the essential soil macronutrients – nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus – and in relatively decent ratios in terms of their proportions. Seaweed fertilizer also has a relatively substantial amount of micronutrient content.

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